20 Agu 2010

Unholy Vein: Psycho Boy in Their Imagination


A metal hardcore band from Bogor, Indonesia..

This fucking story began when Clist and Koso (bassist and drummer of Fight For Julia) wanted to make a metal shit project seriously. Then in August 2009, they asked Fanfan who is the guitarist of Finding Nadia to join. This fucking prospective metal band is still lack of personnel. Finally Clist and Koso led Opic, their guitarist in Fight for Julia. At that time, Fanfan took the positions as vocalist and guitarist in the band. Because of the difficulty of singing metal songs with playing guitar, at the end of August, Limpy (Nine Foul Out vocalist) joined the band. Then followed by Dimas (ex-vocalist of My Sting Penis) to accompany vocal position with Limpy. Then in November 2009, Unholy Vein began to move the underground music madness to their fucking veins.

This is their first single (released at February 2010) titled Little Boy. This song tells about a boy who from his childhood have a hobby to kill living creatures for personal pleasure. Packed in happy hardcore music, check out this psycho story from their imagination. \m/

more info: http://www.myspace.com/unholyvein

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