9 Des 2009

Asphoria - Showcase09 EP (JDR001)

Asphoria (As Euphoria), a band with three youth men that wanted to express their music into one kind of an abstract sound. The story began when Maul and Aria met in their lecture, started with a gigs from a demanded band, because a shortly requisite. But later on, Aria that has already known Fanfan as his friend on high school, urged Maul to join and make some pretty ass shit. This story begins on July 10th 2009 and still having some great experience until now.

Asphoria means:
As = similarly
Euphoria = a feeling of happiness (fun)

So, we are Asphoria, a band from Bogor who’s dedicated of having fun. In this context, having fun with our music and create a harmony that we wanted, and the results are expected to give a happiness to anyone who would listen. ™

Showcase09 [EP] - (2009)
-(Jumpingdew Records)-
Showcase09 (EP)

Very First EP from Asphoria, titled Showcase09. The EP was released in late 2009 via net-release.
Showcase09 contains 3 songs which are released since Asphoria formed (July 10, 2009) until the end of 2009. Life and nature themes are packaged in an easy listening music indie pop with ambient element.

Song List:
01 - Brilliant Colors Of The Night
02 - I Call This Neverland
03 - Funeral For The Turquoise

Former Members:
Maulana Ibrahim Rau - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri - Vocals, Guitar, Glocken, Synth, Program
Aria Andriyadi - Keyboard, Guitar

All Track arranged by Asphoria.
All Track written by Maulana Rau, except Track01 by Achmad Alfansuri.
All Track recorded at Kamal Studio Bogor by Ridwan, except Track02 at Komet Studio Bogor by Riandi.
All Track mixed and mastered in Jatiga Bogor by Achmad Alfansuri.
Cover designed by Maulana Rau and Achmad Alfansuri.

Download: JDR001: Asphoria - Showcase09 [EP]

Creative Commons License
Showcase09 EP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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