29 Mei 2012

Into The Morning Sky - You And All Of Your Kinds Are Doomed (Official Music Video)

Starting from the dissolution of their previous band "From Nothing" due to busyness of each personnel, finally some of their remaining personnel has decided to re-create a band with a different concept, also with a different name. Finally, in early March 2011 "Into The Morning Sky" was formed with the formation of Eca (guitar / synth), Musa (vocals), Fanfan (guitar), and additional players on drums and bass. Into The Morning Sky brings you a rock music with a religious themes that are usually called "Christian Rock". This is their first official video music, You And All Of Your Kinds Are Doomed.

Band: Musa (vocals), Eca (guitars), Fanfan (guitars)
Director: Ade Yusuf (AYS Video Maker)
Model: Beniaz
Location: Warung Bandung, Bogor

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